Hey Pals!

I’ve always been a person who liked being creative and always curious to learn new things.

I tried all sorts of arty stuff and a couple years back in got this feeling to start knitting but every time cause of unknown reasons, I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t go to get the yarn, no one around me actually knew how to knit and also I soon forgot about it after a few weeks.

But a few days back my mum brought me some yarn as I’ve always fought with her to do so.

And finally, I am giving it a try.

I’ve learned some basics and it’s going pretty cool.

Knitting is fun and relaxing.

Unfortunately I’ve been knitting for over three days and didn’t actually make anything.

Idk why, I just un-stitch it after doing a bit. Guess I’m still just learning.

Now I’ve finally landed on something which is great.

I shared it because I’d love to know if there are any other knitters around.

For tips, advices, patterns and ideas.

Would love to know!

Thank you for reading!


Update: Here’s my First Knit Project.


24 thoughts on “Knitting!

  1. I have been knitting since I was eight. Just basic and easy stuff, because I do not want to look at pattern books. I knitt scarfs and simple children’s sweaters. I love it so much. Once you get used to it, you will knit what you wish to. I was hoping to see a photo of your progress.
    I will be looking forward to it.

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    1. Oh that’s amazing!
      I love it too!
      I am getting a hang of it and I’ll surely share my progress soon!

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  2. Nice! I’ve tried a couple times but couldn’t get the hang of it. Have fun with it and be sure to share a picture with us once you’ve made something! ☺

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    1. Yeah I can understand sometimes we just can’t blend into somethings.
      I sure am loving doing it and I’ll surely share whatever I make, soon!
      Thanks for the encouragement! ❤

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  3. I taught myself to knit finally… but I haven’t made anything besides a simple hot pad.☺️🌻🌷🌸

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    1. Oh it’s fine, knitting is cool…

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  4. I can’t knit nor stich 🙁

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    1. Oh it’s okay, not necessary to learn it if you don’t feel like it, isn’t it?
      I just had a feeling that I really need to do it, so I couldn’t resist, haha 😁

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  5. Hey I usto be like that you have to watch a couple of YouTube channels also I rather use circular knitting needles they are my favorite when I started knitting 🧶I was a mess trust me the yarn and the needles would fly across the room but I kept trying I started knitting a granny dishcloth first then I got tired of making them but hey I got the basic technique then I maid a scarf 🧣 after that a hat I challenge myself every time and I am great also learning to read the pattern once you learn the basic reading the pattern is game and you will be at knitting anything

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    1. Great to know about your knitting journey!
      It really is a mess in the beginning but I sure got used to it. I’ve heard about circular needles but never used them.

      So far I’ve made mittens and socks.
      I’m loving knitting.

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      1. their great and easier to carry around trust me I luv my circulars

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      2. hiya hiya sharp are my favorite you can buy them in amazon great prize trust me I luv knitting socks

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      3. Oh that’s cool! I sure will try them. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      4. Anytime checkout my YouTube channel ladycraftsalot83 podcast there I talk about my knitting and planner goodies

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      5. I did check it out. Subscribed and watched a few of your videos. They’re great! Waiting for you to upload more cool stuff!

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      6. I will this week I promise

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      7. Ima post a granny stripes blanket I am currently working on right now


  6. I use to knight during school holidays… i ❤ knitting. Tq 4 sharing

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    1. That’s great! I love knitting too! I’m glad you liked the post.

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  7. […] knitting, I was so excited to try crochet and so I did and I’m enjoying it […]

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  8. […] via Knitting! — Ireneity […]

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