Your Child is Your Canvas!

Being living things or should I say being human beings, having a successors is something all living beings have in common.

I’m sure everyone plans about having a future family and all that stuff.

But you know what the hardest part of it is?

It’s being a parent.

I don’t have experience of any of it but being a very sensitive person I can understand that.

You know, the biggest concern of the parents in the world today is that they aren’t satisfied how their kids are growing up.

They find it hard to go with their kids ways, say they have kids who don’t obey, have some bad habits and do other stuff they can’t agree.

Well isn’t it you who made them so?

Some parents might not agree with me for saying so but just think about it, you get a kid that knows absolutely nothing about the world, not even itself, can’t do anything at all.

You are the one 100% responsible for them being one way or another.

Sure they might change when they grow up, but if you really do it right in the beginning they sure will come out the way you make them.

Every person has got the same canvas and the same colors.

Depends on you what picture you paint.

Can’t blame anyone later.

Thank You for reading!



4 thoughts on “Your Child is Your Canvas!

  1. I agree parents play a big part in the child’s life, but I wouldn’t blame them one 100 percent. I believe that as similar as they may be, God made every one uniquely different.

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  2. Jugaaduwriter

    Good one.

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