Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello! It’s 8th of April today and guess what, it’s my Birthday! I just turned seventeen and I’m just so happy! So the day started with school and Chemistry exam but it was okay… Came home and my Bestie joined in, did some work in there and just had a little party kinda thingy with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Waking Up at Five in the Morning!

Yo guys! Sup? Sorry, got a little too stupid. Well you know what I was adjusting my timetable and some idea just struck me, it was like “Wake at 4 a.m”. This idea just made me so happy and excited and as I listen to my guts very often I decided to give it a … Continue reading Waking Up at Five in the Morning!

Find Me on Social Media!

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s been a while now since I started writing on this blog so I thought to share my social media accounts in here so that you can find me and some of the activities of my blog on your favourite social medias. Email : iirenestarr@gmail.com irene11785@gmail.com irenestarr111@gmail.com starrirene111@gmail.com Blog Email: ireneity@yahoo.com Facebook … Continue reading Find Me on Social Media!