Happy Birthday Ginger!


It’s 14th December and guess what it’s my Baby Ginger’s Birthday!

It’s been three years since he’s been with me.

I can say that he chose me.

It was today that he came to me in the night while I was sleeping he silently sneaked onto my bed and stayed there the whole night.

I find him there in the morning.

Like this… (That’s his first picture)

And I decided to take him up as mine!

He’s been with me ever since then.

He’s grown up to be a big boy now.

Happier than ever…

I love him so very much!

Hope he lives a long happy life!

Happy Birthday again!

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Boo is No More…

I just can’t believe that my baby Boo left me…

It had not even been a month since I got you and…

He was fine and just a few days back he stopped eating properly and today when I wake up in find him lying dead.

I don’t understand.

I know this is not the end just I can’t cope with it, I’m heartbroken.

Momma’s gonna miss you.

I tried my best to make these 23 days you spent with me to be the best of your life.

Forgive me if I ever made you sad and I’ll always keep loving you.

You were such a curious little baby Boo…

I love you…


Naming the New Kitty

Hey there!

It’s been almost a week now since the new kitty came in to the family.

And you know the hardest part of owning a pet, not grooming, not feeding, not bathing… it’s naming them…

It’s been the hardest part of owning a pet for me cause I just can’t ever land on a name.

So for this one, my friends were more eager to name him and eventually a friend suggested the name which I actually liked.

So finally, this new baby, is named as, (background music on)… (suspence)… it is… it is… it’s Boo

Too much suspense for such a short name, haha.

Yeah so it’s Boo from now on.

The next biggest challenge for me is to get it along with my other cat, Ginger, on which I’m still working.

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The New Family Member!


Those who know me well are pretty aware of the fact that I’m an animal lover. Being that I’ve always tried to keep close with them.

Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to take care of many animals though. Still I try my best.

So I’ve owned cats and birds and amphibians but right now I have a cat, named Ginger! (We are still confused on that name).

Well I’m always up to take care for them.

So what happened today was that I went out and saw this kitten, tried petting it and I don’t know, it liked me, I fell in love with it and now it’s here sitting in my lap having a nap (that rhymes!).

So yeah, I don’t know why animals steal my heart so easily.

I’ve posted a pic of this beautiful creature.

That’s another member into the family.

Thank You for reading!


10 Unique Facts About Cats

I’m back with the Kitties again.
Cats are some of the cutest and the most adorable animals, and here are some wonderful, unique, weird facts about cats.

  1. Cats can drink seawater.
  2. Cats can’t taste sweet.
  3. Kittens sleep a lot because when they’re asleep their body releases a hormone which helps them to grow.
  4. Kittens start dreaming when they’re about a week old.
  5. Adult cats don’t release any specific hormone while sleeping, they sleep because they just want to.
  6. Cats sleep this much that a nine year old cat, would have been awake for only three years.
  7. The more you talk to your cat the more it will talk to you.
  8. Cats can’t see directly below their noses, that’s why they miss the food which is right in front of them.
  9. A female cat is called a “molly”, “queen” or a “tabby” and a male cat is called a “tom”.
  10. Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds.

Those were some of the unique cat facts. Hope you enjoyed!

Thank You for reading!


The Stray Cat Who Fell In Love With Me

Here’s a little cute incident that happened to me which I’d like to share.

A few days ago I went out for a walk with my mum, accompanying her to the market.

Outside one of the shops what I saw was a little kitty sitting there all bt itself. Looking at it made me feel kinda bad for it, poor thing was sitting there in the cold no one by its side and we still keep complaining even after having everything.

So I thought of giving it some love, that’d be the best thing I could do to it.

I just started petting it a bit on the head and it started to like it (obviously). I sat there in a place where I could be comfortable with it and soon it came closer and jumped on me, rubbed it’s body against me, meowed and purred. Like it knew me from forever.

It was so happy with me, didn’t want to let me go, neither did I. It made friends with me so fast.

Makes me feel how real the animal love is. No seeing faces, beauty or wealth, just seeing hearts.

I wish I could help it. I can’t help all the animals out there but for this one little kitty, it makes all the difference. So I’m planning to get it home soon.

Thank You for reading!


10 Major Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat

Thinking of getting a cat? Great idea! For me when I was a kid my biggest dream was to get a cat as a pet. I was like crazy for cats I could do anything for a cat but couldn’t get one but when I became a teen and left all this ‘Cat Madness’ suddenly I got a cat! And if you ask me cats are the best, actually all animals are great, but if you like cats and are planning to get one or just increasing your cat knowledge then here’s a list of the main pros and cons of owning a cat.


1. Cats are cute

Best thing about cats they’re cute. They’re like one of the cutest things on earth. When they look at you with their shiny little eyes and all the things cats do are so cute like licking their paw and catching their own tails, who can stop themselves from saying “aww” to their cuteness. Here’s a list of all the cute things cats do.

2. Cats are playful

Cats love playing. The best part of owning pets is that you get to play with them and just like human kids cats especially kittens find new techniques of playing with different things and playing with them makes us forget all our worries(as it always does for me). And to have even more fun you can buy cat toys like teasers, toy mice, feather toys etc.

3. Cats are clean

When it comes to cleanliness cats love cleaning and grooming themselves. So if you can’t bath your pet much then good news cats only have to be bathed if they’re really dirty otherwise every 2 to 3 months. And if it’s an indoor cat then the time’s even more extended.

4. Cats keep rodents away

Cats favorite thing is chasing and killing little creatures like mice, flies and other insects it’s a part of their life. And if they live in your home they’ll do their favorite thing and make your home rodent free. But just take care your cat doesn’t eat them.

5. Cats are easy to maintain

These cute creatures are easy to maintain. They don’t have to be fed much, they don’t need much space, they don’t need regular exercise. Even if you have to go out for long or overnight that’s no big problem with a cat just keep plenty of food, fresh water, and a clean litter box that’s all.


1. Cats are destructive

Cats are filled with energy especially kittens. And they have to use this energy on something and in your home what they find to do this is your stuff, furniture, walls, curtains, doors etc. and don’t forget they’ve got razor sharp teeth and claws.

2. Cats won’t let you sleep

Like I already said cats are filled with energy and because they’re nocturnal their energies mostly boost at night. So get ready to be waked up by weird sounds at 3:00 a.m and find your cat running here and there. Even if your cat doesn’t wake you up at that time be informed that cats wake up really early like 6:00 a.m or earlier.

3. Cats bring dead creatures

As I said in the pros that cats kill rodents here is the con of it they bring those dead creatures to you as gift. Actually this is their way of showing love but its more ‘eewey’ to us than surprising. So again get ready to make your home a graveyard for dead creatures.

4. Cats’ litter box

If you have to own a pet then surely you have to care for their pee and poo. But it’s a little different with cats, you have to care for their litter box. Changing the litter, cleaning the box you sure have to get ready for that. And if the litter box is not clean they do it here and their in your home.

5. Cats won’t obey you

Well your cat knows you, they recognize you and your voice but they won’t come when you call, they don’t obey your commands like a dog. Like it goes “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff”. But it can be done with some training.

Those were some of the major pros and cons of owning a cat, now you decide “CATS YAY!” or “CATS NAY!”

Thank you for reading!