Naming the New Kitty

Hey there! It’s been almost a week now since the new kitty came in to the family. And you know the hardest part of owning a pet, not grooming, not feeding, not bathing… it’s naming them… It’s been the hardest part of owning a pet for me cause I just can’t ever land on a … Continue reading Naming the New Kitty

The New Family Member!

Hello! Those who know me well are pretty aware of the fact that I’m an animal lover. Being that I’ve always tried to keep close with them. Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to take care of many animals though. Still I try my best. So I’ve owned cats and birds and amphibians but right … Continue reading The New Family Member!

10 Unique Facts About Cats

I’m back with the Kitties again. Cats are some of the cutest and the most adorable animals, and here are some wonderful, unique, weird facts about cats. Cats can drink seawater. Cats can’t taste sweet. Kittens sleep a lot because when they’re asleep their body releases a hormone which helps them to grow. Kittens start … Continue reading 10 Unique Facts About Cats

The Stray Cat Who Fell In Love With Me

Here’s a little cute incident that happened to me which I’d like to share. A few days ago I went out for a walk with my mum, accompanying her to the market. Outside one of the shops what I saw was a little kitty sitting there all bt itself. Looking at it made me feel … Continue reading The Stray Cat Who Fell In Love With Me

10 Major Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat

Thinking of getting a cat? Great idea! For me when I was a kid my biggest dream was to get a cat as a pet. I was like crazy for cats I could do anything for a cat but couldn’t get one but when I became a teen and left all this ‘Cat Madness’ suddenly … Continue reading 10 Major Pros and Cons of Owning a Cat