Hello there! So sorry for being away, I’m back & I missed everyone a lot! I just passed my 10th grade (with 98.4% yay) so been busy in joining the senior secondary and all that stuff. Now I’m officially back and today I was gonna share a new thing I tried, that’s crochet. After knitting, … Continue reading Crochet!

Designing Clothes

Hey Folks! After the exams I’ve been staying home and been too confused on what to do. So, I discovered something I could try doing. That’s stitching. I’ve been stitching from like forever, since I was a kid. But that was all small stuff, not very great thing to use and brag about but now … Continue reading Designing Clothes

3D Origami Peacock

Hey there everyone! I’m back after a while, sorry I’ve been busy exploring my own surroundings, lol… I wanted to share something I made a while ago. It’s a 3D Origami Peacock Took me a while to get this one done. Lots of work from folding to fixing. Made from around 1500 pieces. Woah but … Continue reading 3D Origami Peacock

Purple Flowers – Paper Quilled Card

Hello Folks! Today I’m here with another artwork. It’s a card I made for my friend’s birthday a long time ago. It’s a card made from the technique of Paper Quilling. It has two big flowers in purple. Few leaves and stems in green. And some buds. The design is pretty simple but looks wonderful. … Continue reading Purple Flowers – Paper Quilled Card

3D Origami Swan

Hey Friends! Today I want to show you something I always wanted to make, its a 3D Origami Swan. I had made it a year ago but it broke open. But now I’ve finally made it again. It’s made of the Chinese (I guess) technique called 3D Origami. In it you make small paper triangles … Continue reading 3D Origami Swan