Happy Birthday Ginger!


It’s 14th December and guess what it’s my Baby Ginger’s Birthday!

It’s been three years since he’s been with me.

I can say that he chose me.

It was today that he came to me in the night while I was sleeping he silently sneaked onto my bed and stayed there the whole night.

I find him there in the morning.

Like this… (That’s his first picture)

And I decided to take him up as mine!

He’s been with me ever since then.

He’s grown up to be a big boy now.

Happier than ever…

I love him so very much!

Hope he lives a long happy life!

Happy Birthday again!

Thank you for reading!



Naming the New Kitty

Hey there!

It’s been almost a week now since the new kitty came in to the family.

And you know the hardest part of owning a pet, not grooming, not feeding, not bathing… it’s naming them…

It’s been the hardest part of owning a pet for me cause I just can’t ever land on a name.

So for this one, my friends were more eager to name him and eventually a friend suggested the name which I actually liked.

So finally, this new baby, is named as, (background music on)… (suspence)… it is… it is… it’s Boo

Too much suspense for such a short name, haha.

Yeah so it’s Boo from now on.

The next biggest challenge for me is to get it along with my other cat, Ginger, on which I’m still working.

Thank You for reading!


500+ Cute Names for Pets

Hello and congratulations if you’re searching a name for your new pet.

Here’s a list of names I made when I had nothing else to do, lol.

1. Abby
2. Abigail
3. Ace
4. Addie
5. Addison
6. Adelaide
7. Adele
8. Aggy
9. Aida
10. Airabell
11. Aja
12. Ali
13. Alice
14. Allie
15. Alma
16. Amanda
17. Amber
18. Amelia
19. Amelie
20. Amy
21. Angel
22. Angie
23. Anika (Annika)
24. Anna
25. Annabelle
26. Annie
27. Anya
28. Applejack
29. Apricot
30. April
31. Aria
32. Arianna
33. Ariel
34. Arthur
35. Aspen
36. Aubree
37. Auggie
38. Autumn
39. Ava
40. Avery
41. Babe
42. Babette
43. Babushka
44. Baby
45. Bacon
46. Bailey
47. Bambi
48. Bandit
49. Banjo
50. Baxter
51. Bean
52. Bear
53. Beatrice
54. Beau
55. Bee
56. Bell (Belle)
57. Bella
58. Bentley
59. Berty
60. Bessie (Bessy)
61. Betsy
62. Betty
63. Billie Jean
64. Bindi
65. Biscuit
66. Bitsy
67. Bixby
68. Blue (Blu)
69. Blueberry
70. Bob
71. Bonnie
72. Boo (Boo Boo)
73. Boomer
74. Boot (Boots)
75. Brandy
76. Brownie
77. Bruno
79. Bubblegum
80. Bubbles
81. Buca (Bucca)
82. Buddy
83. Buffy
84. Bunny
85. Buster
86. Buttercup
87. Butternut
88. Butterscotch
89. Button (Buttons)
90. Cali
91. Callie
92. Candy (Candie)
93. Cappuccino
94. Caramel
95. Carly
96. Carmen
97. Canegie
98. Casper
99. Cassie
100. Cece (Cici)
102. 101. Cha-Cha
103. Chaca
104. Chachi
105. Chantilly
106. Charlie (Charley)
107. Charlotte
108. Cherry
109. Chester
110. Chestnut
111. Chi-Chi
112. Chico
113. Chloe (Khloe)
114. Choco
115. Cider
116. Cinderella
117. Cinnamon
118. Claire
119. Clara
120. Cleo
121. Clover
122. Coco (Cocoa)
123. Coconut
124. Cookie
125. Copper
126. Cora
127. Cordelia
128. Cotton
129. Cricket
130. Crumpet
131. Cuddles
132. Cupcake
133. Cutey
134. Cutey Honey
135. Cutie
136. Daisy
137. Daisy Duke
138. Daphne
139. Dee Dee (Didi)
140. Dexter
141. Dido
142. Dimple (Dimples)
143. Dixie
144. Dolly
145. Doodle
146. Dora
147. Dorothy
148. Dot
149. Dottie
150. Droolie
151. Duke
152. Duster
153. Dumplin’
154. Eartha
155. Eleanor
156. Elf
157. Ella
158. Ellie
159. Elosie
160. Elsa
161. Emma
162. Emmie (Emmy)
163. Enid
164. Esme
165. Eva
166. Eve
167. Evy
168. Ewok
169. Felix
170. Fifi
171. Flo
172. Fluffy
173. Frannie
174. Frida
175. Fuzzy
176. Garfield
177. George
178. Georgia
179. Gertrude
180. Gidget
181. Gigi
182. Ginger
183. Gizmo
184. Goldie (Goldy)
185. Goldilocks
186. Grace
187. Gracie
188. Hannah (Hanna)
189. Happy
190. Harley
191. Harper
192. Hazel
193. Heidi (Heidie)
194. Herbie (Herby)
195. Hershey
196. Holly
197. Honey
198. Honeybear
199. Honeybee
200. Huggles
201. Humps
202. Isabella
203. Isabelle (Isabell)
204. Izzy
205. Jack
206. Jackson
207. Jasmine
208. Jasper
209. Java
210. Jazzy
211. Jellybean
212. Jemima
213. Jill (Jilly)
214. Jimmy
215. Jinx
216. Joe (Joey)
217. Jhonny (Jonny)
218. Jojo
219. Josie
220. Joy
221. Jude
222. Juju
223. June
224. June Bug
225. Juno
226. Justine
227. Kahlua
228. Kaia
229. Kenny
230. Kewpie
231. Kiki
232. Kismet
233. Kit
234. Kit Kat
235. Kitty
236. Kiwi
237. Koda
238. Kona
239. Lacey
240. Lady
241. Ladybug
242. Layla
243. Leeloo
244. Leisel
245. Lena
246. Leo
247. Lexi
248. Libby
249. Lila
250. Lilly Bell
251. Lily (Lilly)
252. Lizzie (Lizzy)
253. Lois
254. Lola
255. Lolita
256. Lollipop
257. Lorette
258. Louie
259. Love
260. Lovie
261. Lucky
262. Lucy
263. Lucy Lu
264. Luke
265. Lulu
266. Lumps
267. Luna
268. Lyric
269. Mabel
270. Madden
271. Madonna
272. Magdalena
273. Maggie
274. Mai Tai
275. Maisie (Maisy)
276. Mamba
277. Mamie
278. Maple
279. Marigold
280. Maripol
281. Marley (Marly)
282. Marshmallow
283. Martha
284. Mary
285. Mashmallow
286. Mavis
287. Max
288. May (Mae)
289. Maya
290. Meadow
291. Melody
292. Mercy
293. Meshi
294. Mia
295. Midnight
296. Miley (Millie)
297. Milo
298. Mimi
299. Minnie
300. Miss Beazley
301. Miss Kitty
302. Mitsy
303. Missy
304. Misty
305. Mittens
306. Mocha
307. Molly
308. Moon
309. Mopsy
310. Mouse
311. Mr. Puddles
312. Muffin
313. Munchkin
314. Murphy
315. Myrtle
316. Nacho
317. Nadia
318. Nala
319. Natalie
320. Nellie
321. Nema
322. Nermal
323. Nessie
324. Nino
325. Noalie
326. Noodles
327. Norma
328. Nutmeg
329. Octavia
330. Olive
331. Oliver
332. Olivia
333. Ollie
334. Opal
335. Oreo
336. Oscar
337. Paisley
338. Panda
339. Papoose
340. Paris
341. Patches
342. Pascal
343. Peaches (Peach)
344. Peanut
345. Peanut Butter
346. Pearl
347. Pebbles
348. Pee Wee
349. Penelope
350. Penny
351. Pepper
352. Perdita
353. Petra
354. Petunia
355. Phoebe
356. Pickle
357. Pinky
358. Piper
359. Pippa
360. Pippi
361. Pixie
362. Poet
363. Polly
364. Pookie
365. Poopsie
366. Poppy
367. Porkchop
368. Precious
369. Primrose (Prim)
370. Princess
371. Puddin’
372. Puffins
373. Puffy
374. Pumpkin
375. Punky
376. Quinsy
377. Rainbow
378. Rad
379. Reba
380. Remy (Remmy)
381. Reno
382. Rex
383. Rigby
384. Riley (Rylee)
385. Ripley
386. Rocco
387. Rocky
388. Rococo
389. Rollie (Rolly)
390. Roma
391. Romeo
392. Rose (Rosie)
393. Rosebud
394. Roxie (Roxy)
395. Ruby
396. Rudy
397. Ruffles
398. Rumba
399. Rusty
400. Sabine
401. Sadie
402. Sadie Mae
403. Salem
404 Sally (Sallie)
405. Sam
406. Samantha
407. Sammy
408. Samson
409. Sandy
410. Sansa
411. Sasha
412. Sauceage
413. Sassy
414. Scampers
415. Scooter
416. Scout
417. Scully
418. Shadow
419. Shandy
420. Shasta
421. Sheba
422. Shelby
423. Simba
424. Simon
425. Sissy
426. Skittles
427. Smooches
428. Smokey
429. Snickers
430. Snookie (Suki)
431. Snowball
432. Snowflake
433. Snuggles
434. Sockington
435. Socks
436. Soda
437. Soda Pop
438. Sophia (Sofia)
439. Sophie (Sofie)
440. Sorbet
441. Sparkle
442. Sparky
443. Spike (Spikey)
444. Spooky
445. Sprinkles
446. Squat
447. Squirt
448. Star
449. Steffi
450. Stella
451. Sugar
452. Sunshine
453. Sweet Pea
454. Sweetie
455. Sydney (Cydney)
456. Taffy
457. Tahiti
458. Tallulah
459. Tasha
460. Teddy (Ted)
461. Teegan
462. Tessa (Tess)
463. Thea (Theia)
464. Theodora
465. Tiara
466. Tiger
467. Tizzy
468. Tigger
469. Tinkerbell
470. Toby
471. Tootsie
472. Trapper
473. Tricky
474. Trinky
475. Trinket
476. Trixie
477. Trouble
478. Trudy
479. Tucker
480. Tux
481. Tyson
482. Valentine
483. Violet
484. Waffles
485. Welly
486. Whiskers
487. Whoopi
488. Widget
489. Willa
490. Willow
491. Wilma
492. Winnie
493. Wrigley
494. Yasmine
495. Yoko
496. Yuki
497. Yumi
498. Yuna
499. Zailey
500.Zazu (Zaxu)
501. Zeda
502. Ziggy
503. Zoe (Zoey)
504. Zoebelle
505. Zuzu

There friends those were some of the cutest names I’ve found. I hope you’ve found the perfect name for your pet. And don’t forget to tell me how you liked the post and if you want me to add your pet’s name or any other name you have in mind I’ll be sure to add it too. Bye!

Thank You for reading!


The New Family Member!


Those who know me well are pretty aware of the fact that I’m an animal lover. Being that I’ve always tried to keep close with them.

Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to take care of many animals though. Still I try my best.

So I’ve owned cats and birds and amphibians but right now I have a cat, named Ginger! (We are still confused on that name).

Well I’m always up to take care for them.

So what happened today was that I went out and saw this kitten, tried petting it and I don’t know, it liked me, I fell in love with it and now it’s here sitting in my lap having a nap (that rhymes!).

So yeah, I don’t know why animals steal my heart so easily.

I’ve posted a pic of this beautiful creature.

That’s another member into the family.

Thank You for reading!


The Stray Cat Who Fell In Love With Me

Here’s a little cute incident that happened to me which I’d like to share.

A few days ago I went out for a walk with my mum, accompanying her to the market.

Outside one of the shops what I saw was a little kitty sitting there all bt itself. Looking at it made me feel kinda bad for it, poor thing was sitting there in the cold no one by its side and we still keep complaining even after having everything.

So I thought of giving it some love, that’d be the best thing I could do to it.

I just started petting it a bit on the head and it started to like it (obviously). I sat there in a place where I could be comfortable with it and soon it came closer and jumped on me, rubbed it’s body against me, meowed and purred. Like it knew me from forever.

It was so happy with me, didn’t want to let me go, neither did I. It made friends with me so fast.

Makes me feel how real the animal love is. No seeing faces, beauty or wealth, just seeing hearts.

I wish I could help it. I can’t help all the animals out there but for this one little kitty, it makes all the difference. So I’m planning to get it home soon.

Thank You for reading!


10 Cute Things Cats Do

Cats are one of the cutest things in the world and not just this these cute creatures are accompanied by their cute little cat doings to attack us even harder with their cuteness. If you are a cat owner then you’re really luck because you’re able to watch those cuties in front of your eyes, and you might have also spotted some or all of the cute things listed below.

1. Meowing

A cat’s identity, its mew. There are many different types of mews from soft “purr” to loud “MRROWW”. But when he looks at you and slowly say “meow”, aww it seems like the cutest thing ever. But I even like it when my kitty is angry and is repeatedly mewing at me when I don’t feed him first. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey! How dare you eat without me?”

2. Sleeping anywhere and everywhere

One of the special skills of cats is that they can sleep anywhere and everywhere. They spend around 60% of their lives sleeping. And as a result they end up sleeping in places which aren’t for sleeping like on TV, in baskets, even bowls and shoes if they’re small enough to fit in. And when they sit somewhere and fall asleep right there, I think maybe they’ve really mastered the skill of “Sleep-fu”.

3. Licking

Cats love cleanliness but they cannot get under a shower and bath with a milk fragrance soap themselves (and they hate water) so what they do to stay clean is lick themselves. And while doing this they do some such cute actions that make us die of the cuteness. Like licking their bellies, trying to lick their neck, and the one I find the cutest, liking their paw and rubbing their face with it. Who can stop themselves from saying “AWW”? Not me “awwww”.

4. Food is never enough

No matter how much you feed your cat, no matter how full it is. Even if you feed it before yourself, when you sit down to eat you’ll find it still right there and then it looks at you and gives you a look like you’ve never fed it at all. And then it makes a little cute look which tells you to give her something from your plate, and if you don’t then be ready to get a dirty mean look in return.

5. Trying to fit in things

Cats love hiding and find such small places to hide which are still undiscovered by us. Remembering their motto, “If it fits, I sits” and in the effort to hide, they try to fit in things they clearly can’t fit in. If they’re small enough they’ll fit in little boxes, bottles, shoes, even glasses, but if the kitty is big it’ll still try and end up looking sooo cute.

6. Trying to own you

So you sit down with your laptop and suddenly your cat comes from nowhere and sits on the laptop not letting you work like it’s asking you to pet her, it’s like she’s saying, “Hey human! What are you doing? Your only work is to pet me”.

7. Trying to play

Cats love to play, and sometimes
when their energy boosts they suddenly have an urge to play and try to find something to play with. And if they don’t get something they start playing with anything including themselves. Ever watched your kitty trying to catch its own tail or trying to move a still object and then stopping it? I always get waked up in the middle of my sleep seeing my cat running behind its own tail and I ask him, “Have you seen the clock?” And I get my answer myself.

8. Striking the air

Cats don’t need much even a dangling piece of string is like a playhouse for cats. If it’s a string from a cloth, your scarf, or a shoe lace they don’t care if it’s a string attack it “Mraww”. And when they do this they look so cute and not just string even if it’s a fly how cute they look in their effort to catch the fly.

9. Preparing to pounce

You see your cat walking and then it sees a toy mouse suddenly it crouches down, eyes become wide, he wiggles his butt and with a lightning speed he pounces on that toy. “YAY! I caught it” this is what the cat thinks. But he doesn’t know while doing his business he does that cute little butt dance that makes us say “Awwey”.

10. Slipping their paw under the door

When you keep your little kitty outside the room and the door is shut you see a cute little paw reaching in like it is saying how desperately it wants to come in but if it’s a little big space they try to slip in their whole body which is even more cuter.

There you have it, some of the cutest things cats do. But every cat is different so don’t forget to tell us in the comments what cute things your cat does that makes it different, and how it make you say aww, even if you don’t have a cat tell me if you liked the post or not.

Thank You for reading!