Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

I’d want to do this one thing this night and that’s to cry out a while before bed. Not as a sign of pain or struggle. But just as an indication of letting go, as a sign of deep satisfaction. Ever felt it when something good happens and your eyes fill up? Not cause of … Continue reading Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

Turn Filth into Fragrance

You know what is the best thing you can learn to do? It is to be like a plant that turns filth into fragrance. Let me just explain what I am intending to say. All of us, trust me, every one of us has some sort of troubles in our lives, let’s just consider all … Continue reading Turn Filth into Fragrance

Be an Egg or a Potato

There’s this quote kinda thing I’d like to share with you guys… I dont know if you already know it or not but it goes like this… “The same boiling water that softens the potato and hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances” ~Unknown I really liked this one and … Continue reading Be an Egg or a Potato

When You Don’t Feel Like Anything

Hi all! There’s always been that one stage in our lives where we don’t feel like anything. It’s just a weird feeling. Mostly sensed by the more sensitive people. I’m going through that stage right now (no I’m not on my periods). And also for unknown reason, it’s in this time when almost everyone leaves, … Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Like Anything


Hey Folks! I love you all! 💖 On my journey of Self Discovery I realised a lot of things and also got to know about the secrets of life and the universe, oh was this line too heavy? Ah anyways, it’s kinda like enlightenment. I won’t say I’m enlightened just everything seems a lot more … Continue reading Love!

Living in the Moment !

Hello! I’m sure pretty much everyone is stressed and depressed, including me, I ain’t a guru, man. But you know the very fact that one thing that mostly makes us anxious and depressed is that we don’t live what we live. Aah, simple elaboration needed, sorry. It means, we ain’t living “the present”… Gave this … Continue reading Living in the Moment !