Happy Birthday Ginger!


It’s 14th December and guess what it’s my Baby Ginger’s Birthday!

It’s been three years since he’s been with me.

I can say that he chose me.

It was today that he came to me in the night while I was sleeping he silently sneaked onto my bed and stayed there the whole night.

I find him there in the morning.

Like this… (That’s his first picture)

And I decided to take him up as mine!

He’s been with me ever since then.

He’s grown up to be a big boy now.

Happier than ever…

I love him so very much!

Hope he lives a long happy life!

Happy Birthday again!

Thank you for reading!



Naming the New Kitty

Hey there!

It’s been almost a week now since the new kitty came in to the family.

And you know the hardest part of owning a pet, not grooming, not feeding, not bathing… it’s naming them…

It’s been the hardest part of owning a pet for me cause I just can’t ever land on a name.

So for this one, my friends were more eager to name him and eventually a friend suggested the name which I actually liked.

So finally, this new baby, is named as, (background music on)… (suspence)… it is… it is… it’s Boo

Too much suspense for such a short name, haha.

Yeah so it’s Boo from now on.

The next biggest challenge for me is to get it along with my other cat, Ginger, on which I’m still working.

Thank You for reading!