Happy New Year!

Hey there!

Maturity is, when you realize that a new year doesn’t actually bring any change.

Every time on new year I’d be so excited, as there’s something “new” coming up.

I’d make posts, greet people, celebrate.

But this year it didn’t make much of a difference to me.

Now I guess I just realize that new year doesn’t actually bring about any change, it’s just another sunrise like all other days.

But you know what actually makes a difference? You creating your New Year!

You know when the new year starts? When you bring about a change in your like. Make a resolution without it being 1st of January.

New Year can start any day, any time, all that is required is you, to decide when it begins! If you know what I mean.

It’s when you decide that you can no longer live sad and depressed, when you need a change and you are smart enough, strong enough, mature enough to decide that you can start doing that right now.

It’s never too late, you can start over. If you’re unhappy, change it! You’ve got all the power!

I feel the need of a change! Feel the need for a new year! When are you starting yours?

Thank You for reading!



I Won’t Even Say That I’m Back


Ummm, it’s been quiet a while since I posted…

This time I’m not gonna say that I’m back… I’ll just prove it…

Lol… been busy lately with exams and all, but I’m sure I’m free now…

I missed my baby blog sho much, awww…

Haha… and you guys too…

So yeah, love you all!

Thank You for reading!