Writing Without a Topic


I’ve been thinking from the morning about something I could write about today, got some ideas but turns out that I remember none of them when I actually came down to write.

Thinking and thinking I thought the best way was to skip today and write something tomorrow but I already promised last day that I will post soon so I have to do that now.

But what do you do when you’ve got nothing??

You make something on your own!


So for today’s post I really don’t have a real topic and I’m sure you must have guessed that by now and if you are still reading, I love you!

The fact is that there’s one things about my writing that I can write a lot without even having a theme to write, maybe writing is in my blood.

So I was polishing that skill…

Hope I’m not boring you in the process.

You know some people just need some craziness to stay alive.

When I was small, people get sudden cravings to eat or to do drugs or things like that, I remember I got sudden craving to write. Like I searched for some paper and pencil and started to write and rewrite things. I don’t know if it happens to someone else too.

And now, now I hate being idle, wanna do something productive all the time.

Woah I made it! A post without a topic. I can write more but it don’t wanna bore everyone.

If you read it till now, wow man, you’re awesome!

This time real thank you for reading!