Source of Happiness

Happiness is something that all living things need to live a good life.

As far as the humans are concerned, we sure do everything for our satisfaction that tends to bring us happiness.

But happiness can be caused due to different sources. Understanding which is necessary to know how you can control it.

Now, happiness can be sourced from the inside or the outside.

What’s the difference? It makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Well, when it’s sourced from outside (which it is for almost all of us), it depends on what the surroundings and the circumstances are like.

You get happy when someone does something good to you, or if you get lucky.

But the real essence of happiness is when it comes from inside.

When there’s bliss inside you and you feel like there is no need for anyone to do anything to make you happy, you can do that yourself, you’re free.

No one can control your emotions and make you feel something you don’t want to.

Generating happiness from inside is easy just requires a bit of attention from you.

The attention, that you know yourself. No matter what you don’t bring yourself down.

You find a positive perspective to see everything as good.

You give love and happiness.

You’re fulfilled!



Hey Folks!

I love you all! 💖

On my journey of Self Discovery I realised a lot of things and also got to know about the secrets of life and the universe, oh was this line too heavy?

Ah anyways, it’s kinda like enlightenment. I won’t say I’m enlightened just everything seems a lot more clear.

Now once there was this time when I was thinking on what love was. Careful, I’m not talking about relationship or falling in love I’m only talking about love ❤

It’s really irritating when I talk about love and people are like, you have a boyfriend? C’mon man, love is lot more than just that. I’m not saying relationships are bad to talk about, I’m saying thay love is like a huge ocean and relationship are a little part of it.

So coming to the topic, what love means, what I’ve learned about it is that:

Love is the most powerful energy in the whole universe!

It is a feeling of care and sympathy for things.

Love is not just for another person of the opposite gender but it is there for everything present on the earth.

It’s a universal language.

It is the emotion or feeling that is on the top of all the good emotions.

It can’t really be expressed in words, it can just be felt.

Well why to love? Why should you love or be loved?

Because it is your right. It is the right of every single organism to be loved.

Also because giving love and care to someone, makes us happy too, doesn’t it?

And also, what goes around comes around, you get in what you give out!

You give love, you get it back!

The love that mother has for her baby, the love friends have for each other, the love for serving others, love for the creator, love for your own soul, these are a few great expressions of love.

It’s the most wonderful feeling and the most beautiful language.

Get to know this when I find a wild cat or a dog, just looking at it with love, and if lucky enough then getting to feed it, taking care of it and you just see how they understand what you’re doing, that is the universal language, it’ll try it’s best to give it back.

Love can heal, it can help, it can change. You can change things with love that can’t be changed with war.

I can say that my soul is burning, not of damage but to express and give out the love to all the things on the planet.

If you are living then make this life a useful one, help others, not doing something extraordinary, by just, giving a little love, pure one, just care and support, be there… without expecting anything in return, and see their life changing gradually, see the world changing.

And yeah if you are having a hard time giving love then just look inside, and see if there is love for yourself…

If you have enough self love, only then can you actually love others. You can’t give out what you don’t have. Here’s a post on some simple steps towards self love.

Make this life full of love and see miracles happening.

Thank You for reading!

With Love, ❤



So far when I think about life, I see that there are lots of things that get our lives going… some needs, some wants, some desires but something that is the fundamental requirement to keep us actually living is Happiness.

It’s something all of us need and do everything for… even if it’s making others happy don’t we do it just to make ourselves happy in the first place?

So yeah we need it… no denial in that… But how do we get it? No one in the world is actually completely happy, isn’t it?

What I’ve learnt so far is that, nothing in the world will bring you happiness unless you create it yourself… yes you read that right…

That might be confusing and undigestible for some but that is the truth.

Look into it you will eventually come to this conclusion, that you create your own happiness.

All you have to do is to love yourself, take care of yourself, never hurt anyone or yourself, let it go and bang that’s all you need to do.

Tell me if you find that interesting.

I would love to make a deeper more detailed post on it.

Thank You for reading!


Self Discovery

Hey guys!

So while I was away, all I’ve been doing was umm living? Haha, that’s the main purpose, isn’t it? Well yeah I was living but along with it I started a great journey of “Self Discovery” (I don’t know if I used this right but I swear it sounds awesome)

Yeah, so I started discovering myself and knowing the inner me before knowing the world…

I should say it is the best journey, anyone could ever have… I’m still on it and it’s awesome…

Now that I’m back on the Ireneity so how about sharing that journey with everyone? Won’t it be so cool? I should surely get use of this genie called the phone, right?

I’d love to share the experience and would be so grateful if what I share helps others… and I’d love to hear from you guys…

Some great things I learnt so far:

  • Understand who you are, that’s when you understand the world.
  • The world is just a reflection of yourself.
  • You can’t be happy until you start loving yourself.
  • No one matters to you more than you.
  • The surroundings can’t bring a change (good or bad) unless yo want them to.
  • You are the one who creates your reality.

When Nothing Helps

In life, there are times, when you are just all broken and nothing seems to help.

It something that almost everyone goes through.

It feels like your world is falling apart and all you can do is stand there and watch it go down in flames.

And the worst is when there’s no one to help you out.

When no one tries to give you a helping hand.

The best idea you are able to find to end this pain is to end it all.

But I’m sure, I promise if you get out of this yourself, if you are strong enough, smart enough and brave enough to bring yourself out of this, I bet nothing in the world can ever make you feel that pain again…

Why “You” are More Important than Anyone Else

Well nowadays, maybe from forever, people tend to put forward the needs of others before theirs, they give importance to what people think, what they say and all that stuff, they wanna be the way others want them to me, ain’t I right? Isn’t that what almost everyone is doing right now? Maybe I am one of them as well, maybe not… but is it really worth it?? Right now if I look back into what my past has brought, I see that I’ve been through a life where I had none to ask me how I was doing, there was a time when I felt like the most useless person in the world, so dejected so worthless… Maybe that wasn’t what I actually was but, you know, life, takes you to places where you’ve never been before… But through all that I pushed myself up, gathering myself, teaching myself and now I am at a place that I can be proud for being myself… I didn’t have people who would tell me that I wasn’t so useless, they didn’t lend a hand for help… I know that no one will until you do that for yourself. So stand up, be a self learner. Don’t depend and be free, you don’t need none to teach you what you have to do, it’s just you who’s with you all time long. Maybe “you” are just very important. Thank You for reading! Irene

Worst Thing You Could Do to a Girl

The worst thing you could do to a girl is making her feel that she’s not good enough.

She’s been yours and one day you suddenly betray her and what she can do about it is nothing, you have no reasons for it and she makes up hundreds of her own.

Cause you found someone better or don’t like get anymore, you just leave… But…

She lies in her bed crying all night with her sleepless eyes. Thinking she’s not good enough, not beautiful, not attractive and probably doesn’t deserve you.

This is the worst thing you could do to a girl, the worst.

So before betraying a girl ever in life, just think once.

And yeah, to the girls… Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Everyone is special and no one is perfect. So get up and move ahead, be strong.

Thank You for reading!