Turn Filth into Fragrance

You know what is the best thing you can learn to do? It is to be like a plant that turns filth into fragrance. Let me just explain what I am intending to say. All of us, trust me, every one of us has some sort of troubles in our lives, let’s just consider all … Continue reading Turn Filth into Fragrance

Thoughts on Ireneity?

Hey! I couldn’t really think of some particular thing to write about today (my brain is going idea-less day by day 😣)… I just thought that it’s been little over a year since I started writing on Ireneity and it’s been great for me… but I would really like to know what you people think … Continue reading Thoughts on Ireneity?

Emotional Slavery

You know what’s not at all justified? It’s emotional slavery… What do I mean by that? How can someone be enslaved emotionally? Well I just gave this idea a name of emotional slavery when your emotions work under the control of someone else. Humans hate it when they have to take other people’s orders but … Continue reading Emotional Slavery

Book Review : The Alchemist

After taking break from blogging I’m back again with something different that I always wanted to do, it’s a book review… So I got to read a novel after a long time and I realized I could write a review on what I just experienced. So here it is! The book I’m gonna be reviewing … Continue reading Book Review : The Alchemist

Source of Happiness

Happiness is something that all living things need to live a good life. As far as the humans are concerned, we sure do everything for our satisfaction that tends to bring us happiness. But happiness can be caused due to different sources. Understanding which is necessary to know how you can control it. Now, happiness … Continue reading Source of Happiness

Be an Egg or a Potato

There’s this quote kinda thing I’d like to share with you guys… I dont know if you already know it or not but it goes like this… “The same boiling water that softens the potato and hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances” ~Unknown I really liked this one and … Continue reading Be an Egg or a Potato

When You Don’t Feel Like Anything

Hi all! There’s always been that one stage in our lives where we don’t feel like anything. It’s just a weird feeling. Mostly sensed by the more sensitive people. I’m going through that stage right now (no I’m not on my periods). And also for unknown reason, it’s in this time when almost everyone leaves, … Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Like Anything