100% Responsibility of Your Life

You know where we make our biggest mistake that obstructs our success? Thinking that someone else will take care of your life.

Ah yeah, sorry to break it to you, but that’s the truth. Now some of you might be coming up with that there’s God who always cares for us. He sure does that’s why he gave you brains to use that for yourself, so that you’re not dependent on anyone.

Trust me, the day you realize that the responsibility of your life is 100% yours, that’s when you actually start to get control of it.

No one’s doing anything to you, you can’t blame anyone for making your life the way it is other than yourself.

People who say “That’s destiny”, “That’s bad luck”, “It happens and no one can do anything about it”, “They ruined my life”, “I’m helpless” are all those who never learned to realize their responsibilities. Such people find ways to give an excuse with such phrases.

Sometimes listening to those, useful people too start believing those lies.

So this is for you people who are chasing success; Realize your responsibilities before it’s too late.

People come and go, no one actually stays forever, no one, that’s just how it is, you can’t rely on anyone other than yourself.

You’re in control no one can make you do anything unless you want to do that, no one can make you happy or sad unless you want to, no one can bring you success unless you realize your responsibilities.

There’s this saying that “What the world throws at you is not under you control but what you make out of it 100% under your control!”

Thank you for reading!



5 Tips to Make Foundation Look Natural

You wear foundation to look beautiful and flawless naturally but there are still some things you’re doing wrong that’s making your foundation less effective, read on some of the tips to make your foundation look more natural.

1) Prepare the Skin
Foundation on a dry skin will just kill the reason of wearing foundation. Clean and hydrate your skin before applying foundation, this will remove any dirt, dry skin and smooth it.

2) Choose the Right Shade
Getting the perfect shade is very important and finding it correctly is also important. When testing a foundation don’t test it on your wrist instead test it on your jawline and then compare it as your face and neck are lighter than the rest of your body.

3) Use Less
To make the foundation look natural remember to use less. When applying don’t apply a thick coat instead use thin light layers this will make it more natural, otherwise it will look cakey.

4) Choose the Foundation
According to Your Skin Type
When choosing a foundation keep in mind your skin type as it can make a big difference. For example use oil-free foundation for oily skin and if you have dry skin use a hydrating one.

5) Remove Any Moisturizer
Before wearing a foundation don’t forget to remove any moisturizers on you face, with this your face won’t have any creases it’ll also make the foundation look more natural and last longer.

That’s it for the beauty tips. Do tell me your thoughts about it and also if you’ve got some more tips.

Thank You for reading!

5 Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Fast

It’s been a day since this cold attacked me. Thankfully for me diseases don’t stay very long, guess my immune system is doing good.

But having cold is really irritating. Mum believes in natural remedies so gets me well soon.

Here are some methods that help every time:

  1. Rest : Find a way to be lazy because it will help fight the illness. Take as much rest as possible and go to bed early. This helps save energy and use it to fight the cold. Also try to be in warmth.
  2. Food : You can try some foods that can especially help like hot tea and coffee, as they reduce congestion, you can try herbal tea. Stay hydrated, try honey for sore throat, chicken soup, etc.
  3. Steam : For stuffed nose and the hurting throat you can try breathing in some steam off boiling water, that hot which you can comfortably breath in (extra point: Steam is good for your skin too)
  4. Gargle : This is another thing you can do for your throat, gargling with salt water few times a day would be great to help the hurting throat.
  5. Blow Your Nose : Lastly, don’t forget to blow your nosey instead of pulling it in, to keep the nasal passage all clear. Aww I was always scolded for this when I was small.

Yeah so those were some things to try if you are having a cold (like me)…

Couldn’t think of writing anything else due to this red nose of mine.

Well anyways I hope I get well soon.

Thank You for reading!


How to Freeze Lemons for a Twist in Snacks

Hello Friends!

I just love squeezing a piece of raw lemon on my tongue and squinch my eyes of it’s sourness. But actually lemons, those tasty, juicy and sour fruits are wonderful in a lot of ways, not just tasty but also nutritious.

I’ve just found out a way in which you can transform the lemons into something better and have more fun(taste) with it.

It’s freezing the lemons, yes you heard it right “Freezing The Lemons”. It’s quite easy and it’s great at the end.

All you want is lemons. Rinse the lemons in water and place it inside the freezer, or you can even slice the lemons before freezing.

After freezing take them out and grind or grate it. And there you have it, just sprinkle it onto your foods, dishes, salads, drinks, ice creams, etc. the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Thank You for reading! Irene

How to Make Strong and Easily Rememberable Passwords

In today’s world, remembering your password is one of the main “confusing” things. Hundreds of accounts, hundreds of recoveries, hundreds of webs and hundreds of sites, and forgetting your password is easier than making it, as it had always happened to me. But no fear when I am here, lol.

Here’s a simple way you can make and remember a password easily.

First pick a quote, a sentence, or something, like here I choose
“If You Dream It You Can Do It”

Then choose the first letters from each letter, like this

Now make some letters in lower case and some in upper case

Now you can change some letters into number, like “2” for “to” and “4” for “for”, etc.

Or you can add symbols like

And finally add a letter for which you are going to use it for like
For Facebook $iyDiyCDi?F
Twitter $iyDiyCDi?T
Instagram $iyDiyCDi?I
And so on.

Just write the quote down somewhere near your computer, or simply memorize it and you’re all done.

Thank You for reading!