Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello! It’s 8th of April today and guess what, it’s my Birthday! I just turned seventeen and I’m just so happy! So the day started with school and Chemistry exam but it was okay… Came home and my Bestie joined in, did some work in there and just had a little party kinda thingy with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Holi!

Hey Today is Holi and a very happy holi to everyone! Holi is an Indian festival, a festival of colors which is celebrated in the harvesting season. Holi has a deep story behind it, where there is the victory of good over the evil, it’s actually symbolical that why it’s a festival of colors, as … Continue reading Happy Holi!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello! It’s 14th February and a very happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, to the new couples and the old ones as well. Love doesn’t need a specific day to be shown, it’s everywhere all the time, it’s what we’re made of. But some things are fun to do so let’s just have fun and be … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!