Quarantine Issues

Is it just me, or is the pandemic and the quarantine really driving everyone crazy? I mean like over a year of quarantine and we’re just able to do nothing… Although was cool in the beginning when we all just got to rest but now it feels like a trap, like imprisonment… For me, I … Continue reading Quarantine Issues


“I Trust You” Note for the Universe

I find myself stuck in a situation which feels like it will never let me out of it and that things will never be right again… I’m at the lowest I can be but… I trust the universe… When I look back I see that in the past eighteen years, all that I was presented … Continue reading “I Trust You” Note for the Universe

Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

I’d want to do this one thing this night and that’s to cry out a while before bed. Not as a sign of pain or struggle. But just as an indication of letting go, as a sign of deep satisfaction. Ever felt it when something good happens and your eyes fill up? Not cause of … Continue reading Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

Turn Filth into Fragrance

You know what is the best thing you can learn to do? It is to be like a plant that turns filth into fragrance. Let me just explain what I am intending to say. All of us, trust me, every one of us has some sort of troubles in our lives, let’s just consider all … Continue reading Turn Filth into Fragrance

Thoughts on Ireneity?

Hey! I couldn’t really think of some particular thing to write about today (my brain is going idea-less day by day 😣)… I just thought that it’s been little over a year since I started writing on Ireneity and it’s been great for me… but I would really like to know what you people think … Continue reading Thoughts on Ireneity?