“I Trust You” Note for the Universe

I find myself stuck in a situation which feels like it will never let me out of it and that things will never be right again… I’m at the lowest I can be but… I trust the universe… When I look back I see that in the past eighteen years, all that I was presented … Continue reading “I Trust You” Note for the Universe

Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

I’d want to do this one thing this night and that’s to cry out a while before bed. Not as a sign of pain or struggle. But just as an indication of letting go, as a sign of deep satisfaction. Ever felt it when something good happens and your eyes fill up? Not cause of … Continue reading Let Me Cry to Myself Tonight

Turn Filth into Fragrance

You know what is the best thing you can learn to do? It is to be like a plant that turns filth into fragrance. Let me just explain what I am intending to say. All of us, trust me, every one of us has some sort of troubles in our lives, let’s just consider all … Continue reading Turn Filth into Fragrance

Thoughts on Ireneity?

Hey! I couldn’t really think of some particular thing to write about today (my brain is going idea-less day by day 😣)… I just thought that it’s been little over a year since I started writing on Ireneity and it’s been great for me… but I would really like to know what you people think … Continue reading Thoughts on Ireneity?

Befriend Yourself!

I see, all of us struggling to please people. I guess it’s normal human tendency to do so, but, if we call ourselves higher than other life forms then we should be able to act like that too… Why is there always a need to be something someone else wants you to? To dress that … Continue reading Befriend Yourself!