Befriend Yourself!

I see, all of us struggling to please people. I guess it’s normal human tendency to do so, but, if we call ourselves higher than other life forms then we should be able to act like that too… Why is there always a need to be something someone else wants you to? To dress that … Continue reading Befriend Yourself!

Emotional Slavery

You know what’s not at all justified? It’s emotional slavery… What do I mean by that? How can someone be enslaved emotionally? Well I just gave this idea a name of emotional slavery when your emotions work under the control of someone else. Humans hate it when they have to take other people’s orders but … Continue reading Emotional Slavery

Source of Happiness

Happiness is something that all living things need to live a good life. As far as the humans are concerned, we sure do everything for our satisfaction that tends to bring us happiness. But happiness can be caused due to different sources. Understanding which is necessary to know how you can control it. Now, happiness … Continue reading Source of Happiness

100% Responsibility of Your Life

You know where we make our biggest mistake that obstructs our success? Thinking that someone else will take care of your life. Ah yeah, sorry to break it to you, but that’s the truth. Now some of you might be coming up with that there’s God who always cares for us. He sure does that’s … Continue reading 100% Responsibility of Your Life