100% Responsibility of Your Life

You know where we make our biggest mistake that obstructs our success? Thinking that someone else will take care of your life.

Ah yeah, sorry to break it to you, but that’s the truth. Now some of you might be coming up with that there’s God who always cares for us. He sure does that’s why he gave you brains to use that for yourself, so that you’re not dependent on anyone.

Trust me, the day you realize that the responsibility of your life is 100% yours, that’s when you actually start to get control of it.

No one’s doing anything to you, you can’t blame anyone for making your life the way it is other than yourself.

People who say “That’s destiny”, “That’s bad luck”, “It happens and no one can do anything about it”, “They ruined my life”, “I’m helpless” are all those who never learned to realize their responsibilities. Such people find ways to give an excuse with such phrases.

Sometimes listening to those, useful people too start believing those lies.

So this is for you people who are chasing success; Realize your responsibilities before it’s too late.

People come and go, no one actually stays forever, no one, that’s just how it is, you can’t rely on anyone other than yourself.

You’re in control no one can make you do anything unless you want to do that, no one can make you happy or sad unless you want to, no one can bring you success unless you realize your responsibilities.

There’s this saying that “What the world throws at you is not under you control but what you make out of it 100% under your control!”

Thank you for reading!



Why “You” are More Important than Anyone Else

Well nowadays, maybe from forever, people tend to put forward the needs of others before theirs, they give importance to what people think, what they say and all that stuff, they wanna be the way others want them to me, ain’t I right? Isn’t that what almost everyone is doing right now? Maybe I am one of them as well, maybe not… but is it really worth it?? Right now if I look back into what my past has brought, I see that I’ve been through a life where I had none to ask me how I was doing, there was a time when I felt like the most useless person in the world, so dejected so worthless… Maybe that wasn’t what I actually was but, you know, life, takes you to places where you’ve never been before… But through all that I pushed myself up, gathering myself, teaching myself and now I am at a place that I can be proud for being myself… I didn’t have people who would tell me that I wasn’t so useless, they didn’t lend a hand for help… I know that no one will until you do that for yourself. So stand up, be a self learner. Don’t depend and be free, you don’t need none to teach you what you have to do, it’s just you who’s with you all time long. Maybe “you” are just very important. Thank You for reading! Irene