Source of Happiness

Happiness is something that all living things need to live a good life.

As far as the humans are concerned, we sure do everything for our satisfaction that tends to bring us happiness.

But happiness can be caused due to different sources. Understanding which is necessary to know how you can control it.

Now, happiness can be sourced from the inside or the outside.

What’s the difference? It makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Well, when it’s sourced from outside (which it is for almost all of us), it depends on what the surroundings and the circumstances are like.

You get happy when someone does something good to you, or if you get lucky.

But the real essence of happiness is when it comes from inside.

When there’s bliss inside you and you feel like there is no need for anyone to do anything to make you happy, you can do that yourself, you’re free.

No one can control your emotions and make you feel something you don’t want to.

Generating happiness from inside is easy just requires a bit of attention from you.

The attention, that you know yourself. No matter what you don’t bring yourself down.

You find a positive perspective to see everything as good.

You give love and happiness.

You’re fulfilled!


Happy New Year!

Hey there!

Maturity is, when you realize that a new year doesn’t actually bring any change.

Every time on new year I’d be so excited, as there’s something “new” coming up.

I’d make posts, greet people, celebrate.

But this year it didn’t make much of a difference to me.

Now I guess I just realize that new year doesn’t actually bring about any change, it’s just another sunrise like all other days.

But you know what actually makes a difference? You creating your New Year!

You know when the new year starts? When you bring about a change in your like. Make a resolution without it being 1st of January.

New Year can start any day, any time, all that is required is you, to decide when it begins! If you know what I mean.

It’s when you decide that you can no longer live sad and depressed, when you need a change and you are smart enough, strong enough, mature enough to decide that you can start doing that right now.

It’s never too late, you can start over. If you’re unhappy, change it! You’ve got all the power!

I feel the need of a change! Feel the need for a new year! When are you starting yours?

Thank You for reading!


100% Responsibility of Your Life

You know where we make our biggest mistake that obstructs our success? Thinking that someone else will take care of your life.

Ah yeah, sorry to break it to you, but that’s the truth. Now some of you might be coming up with that there’s God who always cares for us. He sure does that’s why he gave you brains to use that for yourself, so that you’re not dependent on anyone.

Trust me, the day you realize that the responsibility of your life is 100% yours, that’s when you actually start to get control of it.

No one’s doing anything to you, you can’t blame anyone for making your life the way it is other than yourself.

People who say “That’s destiny”, “That’s bad luck”, “It happens and no one can do anything about it”, “They ruined my life”, “I’m helpless” are all those who never learned to realize their responsibilities. Such people find ways to give an excuse with such phrases.

Sometimes listening to those, useful people too start believing those lies.

So this is for you people who are chasing success; Realize your responsibilities before it’s too late.

People come and go, no one actually stays forever, no one, that’s just how it is, you can’t rely on anyone other than yourself.

You’re in control no one can make you do anything unless you want to do that, no one can make you happy or sad unless you want to, no one can bring you success unless you realize your responsibilities.

There’s this saying that “What the world throws at you is not under you control but what you make out of it 100% under your control!”

Thank you for reading!


When You Don’t Feel Like Anything

Hi all!

There’s always been that one stage in our lives where we don’t feel like anything.

It’s just a weird feeling. Mostly sensed by the more sensitive people.

I’m going through that stage right now (no I’m not on my periods).

And also for unknown reason, it’s in this time when almost everyone leaves, and those who stay, can’t satisfy what you look for.

There’s the lack of spark and feels like nothing will ever be right again. I can bet it will all be right, happens every time, but, making your brain understand that is close to impossible.

But a positive perspective can change anything.

Here’s my positive perspective for this situation. I need to write it down so that I can make myself understand and also so that if there’s someone else going through this stage then it’d be great if I could help in some way:

  • This stage is important because not everything can be all sweet all the time. Lots of candies can rot your teeth and make you diabetic.
  • Hard times make you understand the value of good times.
  • For me this has come many times but every time I had the privilege of getting up, brushing off the dust, and rising like never before. This time I will rise again and I bet so high that it’ll be visible to everyone, say this to yourself.
  • You learn a lot more in these conditions rather than when it’s all sweet and sunny.
  • You can be an egg or a potato
  • You can live your way and when someone tries to interfere you can simple say “Where were you when I had none?”
  • Diamonds are only formed when there is super high pressure and temperature.
  • You are creating great failure stories to tell to others when you become successful!

Yepo… that’s what I wanted to tell myself and all others who feel like this.

That you matter, there’s a reason for you being here. You’ve got everything that you need to make your life great, and that everything is “You”!

Thank You for reading!



Hey Folks!

I love you all! 💖

On my journey of Self Discovery I realised a lot of things and also got to know about the secrets of life and the universe, oh was this line too heavy?

Ah anyways, it’s kinda like enlightenment. I won’t say I’m enlightened just everything seems a lot more clear.

Now once there was this time when I was thinking on what love was. Careful, I’m not talking about relationship or falling in love I’m only talking about love ❤

It’s really irritating when I talk about love and people are like, you have a boyfriend? C’mon man, love is lot more than just that. I’m not saying relationships are bad to talk about, I’m saying thay love is like a huge ocean and relationship are a little part of it.

So coming to the topic, what love means, what I’ve learned about it is that:

Love is the most powerful energy in the whole universe!

It is a feeling of care and sympathy for things.

Love is not just for another person of the opposite gender but it is there for everything present on the earth.

It’s a universal language.

It is the emotion or feeling that is on the top of all the good emotions.

It can’t really be expressed in words, it can just be felt.

Well why to love? Why should you love or be loved?

Because it is your right. It is the right of every single organism to be loved.

Also because giving love and care to someone, makes us happy too, doesn’t it?

And also, what goes around comes around, you get in what you give out!

You give love, you get it back!

The love that mother has for her baby, the love friends have for each other, the love for serving others, love for the creator, love for your own soul, these are a few great expressions of love.

It’s the most wonderful feeling and the most beautiful language.

Get to know this when I find a wild cat or a dog, just looking at it with love, and if lucky enough then getting to feed it, taking care of it and you just see how they understand what you’re doing, that is the universal language, it’ll try it’s best to give it back.

Love can heal, it can help, it can change. You can change things with love that can’t be changed with war.

I can say that my soul is burning, not of damage but to express and give out the love to all the things on the planet.

If you are living then make this life a useful one, help others, not doing something extraordinary, by just, giving a little love, pure one, just care and support, be there… without expecting anything in return, and see their life changing gradually, see the world changing.

And yeah if you are having a hard time giving love then just look inside, and see if there is love for yourself…

If you have enough self love, only then can you actually love others. You can’t give out what you don’t have. Here’s a post on some simple steps towards self love.

Make this life full of love and see miracles happening.

Thank You for reading!

With Love, ❤


Pros and Cons of Being an Extrovert

After my last post on the Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert, I thought on typing out another post related to being an extrovert.

Now nothing can be all good or all bad.

So here are some things I observed that I can categorise as the pros and cons of being an Extrovert


  1. Socially Active : This is surely the biggest advantage of being an extrovert. When extroverts are out with people they just tend to like it all, they enjoy gatherings, meeting people etc. If your job requires you to be like that then it is an advantage being extroverted.
  2. Lots of Friends: Extroverts make friends easily as they are pretty comfortable talking to people, even going up to complete strangers to have a talk. Thus they make lots of connections and are thus the “popular” ones of the party.
  3. Expressing is Easy: They are not scared of people. They just say what they feel like and don’t think much before doing so. Thus overthinking doesn’t kill them as it does for introverts.
  4. Influence : They have a bold way of expressing and thus their opinions are modtly taken as important. Group discussions, debates and meetings can be won by extroverted people easily.
  5. Dominance: Extroverted people get to be the leaders most of the times because of their expressive, fun and open minded nature and self-esteem. They do great in their work as long as it includes connecting to others. They prefer working with people rather than alone.


  1. Loneliness Kills : Extroverts get energised when around many people but they can have a hard time when alone. The loneliness kills as they constantly look for people to meet up with.
  2. Often Bored : They always need to keep doing something, engage in conversations and stuff but if they don’t get to do that they tend to get bored and frustrated.
  3. Lacked Self Awareness : Introverts are too self-conscious while as extroverts seem to be so engaged in the surroundings that they are less aware of themselves, their inner self and similar things.
  4. Do Things That You Shouldn’t: They are so excited and fun at times that the they forget about what they are not supposed to do as they don’t think much before doing or saying something, this comes with bad consequences sometimes.
  5. Shallow Relationships: Extroverts make friends with everyone but these aren’t those very deep connections. They might move long to others thus not being able too create deep relations. Also others might leave an extroverted person after after a while.

There, these were the pros and cons of being an extrovert, according to my experience.

Being extroverted is very benefitting but some downsides are still present.

Thank You for reading!


Living in the Moment !


I’m sure pretty much everyone is stressed and depressed, including me, I ain’t a guru, man.

But you know the very fact that one thing that mostly makes us anxious and depressed is that we don’t live what we live.

Aah, simple elaboration needed, sorry.

It means, we ain’t living “the present”…

Gave this advice to my friend a few days back. It goes like, we were having exams and she was like what we were gonna do, I don’t know where this advice came from but I told her “just live it”… making her understand I said that “It’s not the result that matters, it’s the moment we live in to get the result that actually matters at last“…

By saying all this what I wanted to make her understand was that she shouldn’t actually care about how the results would be but just do her best in the exams, enjoy it every bit of it, enjoy the learning sessions, the writing, the memories and all things related to it, and I promised that it’d be great. This seemed pretty wonderful to her…

Well my bad that I forgot some of it myself and unfortunately during exams I was like “God, I just want these exams to end somehow”, “I’ll have so much fun in the holidays”…

But guess what, it’s my holidays and I’m not enjoying a single bit of it…

Well what happened?

Just that I expected too much…

And I’m sure when I join the next grade I’ll surely miss my holidays again.

That’s the human nature…

But this taught me one thing, to live the moment in the moment

Just break away all the attachments to the past and the future…

Live now and everything would be ay okay.

I’m gonna be practicing this thing of “living in the present” thing…

And yeah here’s here’s a quote:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past.

If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

If you are at peace, you are living in the present moment.”

~Lao Tzu~

I surely can relate to this…

Well that’s it for now…

Thank You for reading!