Hello there!

So sorry for being away, I’m back & I missed everyone a lot!

I just passed my 10th grade (with 98.4% yay) so been busy in joining the senior secondary and all that stuff.

Now I’m officially back and today I was gonna share a new thing I tried, that’s crochet.

After knitting, I was so excited to try crochet and so I did and I’m enjoying it equally.

My first crochet project is this little flower kinda thing (don’t mind the atoms and molecules in the background).

I’d love to know your thoughts and would love to know your knit and crochet experiences, so if you have such posts then be sure to drop the link in the comments, I’d love to visit your blogs.

Yeah that’s it for this post. I’ll come up with a real post soon enough, I promise!

Till then, bye bye!

Thank you for reading!



I Won’t Even Say That I’m Back


Ummm, it’s been quiet a while since I posted…

This time I’m not gonna say that I’m back… I’ll just prove it…

Lol… been busy lately with exams and all, but I’m sure I’m free now…

I missed my baby blog sho much, awww…

Haha… and you guys too…

So yeah, love you all!

Thank You for reading!


I’m back!

Hey there!

Sorry everyone it’s been a while since I posted in here, I know, I was just caught up a bit into you know the thing called Life.

But I’m back now and I’ll be posting regularly from now on (hope so, yes I will).

Thanks to those who’ve been there with me, my friends, family and all others, love you all a lot! ❤

Thank You for reading!